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The humble school that opened as Queen’s College in 1766 has grown into Rutgers University, New Jersey’s largest higher education institution. Rutgers is also the eight-oldest college in the United States and was actually chartered before the American Revolution. With history like that, it’s no wonder Rutgers University is such a draw for prospective students and New Brunswick tourists alike.

When you’re not strolling through campus admiring the architecture, you can watch football, basketball, and even D1 club hockey. Like many universities of its caliber, Rutgers fans live and die by their sports teams. But if you can’t make a game day, there’s still plenty to admire just being on campus. Discover everything at your fingertip when you stay at hotels near Rutgers University like ours.

Campus Information

Since 1766, Rutgers has brightened the New Brunswick community with their infectious spirit. With a total enrollment of 67,000 students, Rutgers has a heavy hand in shaping the culture of the New Brunswick metropolitan area. Don't be surprised if you see the color scarlet everywhere around town–it's the university's official hue.

Color: Scarlet

Mascot: Scarlet Knights

Distance from The Heldrich: 0.4 miles

Walking Directions: Leave the hotel and turn left on George Street. Walk 0.4 miles down George Street and you're there.


Rutgers played what is considered to be the first intercollegiate football game in 1869. In that game, they defeated Princeton University. Rutgers has been considered the birthplace of college football ever since, which is why Rutgers Football gets so much attention. Today, the Scarlet Knights take the field on fall Saturdays at Stadium, just 3.5 miles from our hotel. The stadium stands at the heart of campus and is the epicenter of gameday festivities like tailgating.



Both men’s basketball and women’s basketball teams take the court at Rutgers Athletic Center. Both are NCAA Division I teams in the Big Ten, holding their own against other basketball programs across the country.

No matter the outcome, between the two teams you can catch a basketball game most days of the week while visiting New Brunswick.



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