Hometown Hospitality

We believe community service is an investment in the future

Responsible corporate citizenship recognizes the strong interplay between a healthy and vibrant community and the health and well-being of a company and its employees. To this end, our management group, Benchmark Hospitality International has formally launched a community service initiative called "Hometown Hospitality, Caring For Our Communities."

The Heldrich Commmunity Service
The Heldrich Partners with the community

For many, the word "hometown" evokes images of neighborhoods, families and life-long friends. It can be a place where you grew up or a place where you want to grow old. Caring for our communities is not a pastime but our passion, and Hometown Hospitality represents the unwavering service commitment of The Heldrich employees to our customers and our community.

If it appears that someone in the logo may be dancing, well, they are! We believe helping our neighbors and making a difference in our communities is a great reason to celebrate!

Chef's Night Annual Fund Raiser

Elijah's Promise – Chef's Night

Christopher's Restaurant participated in Chef's Night, the largest and most important annual fund raiser for Elijah's Promise, a New Brunswick based non-profit organization that fights to end hunger through promoting good food for all, providing education and jobs in the food industry, and creating social enterprise food businesses that create social good. Sous Chef Jason Zimmerman and Cook Sal Scotto delighted the entire palette with a chilled gazpacho appetizer and an assortment of sweet treats.

New Brunswick Clean Communities

New Brunswick Clean Communities – School Kids Sweep Up Day

The Heldrich hosted over 200 New Brunswick area school kids for a day of education, work, and of course fun. School Kids Sweep Up Day is just one of the many events that comprise the New Brunswick Urban Clean Up Week in celebration of Earth Day. Numerous Heldrich volunteers and the kids began the day by learning all about litter and how their actions can help protect the environment, then they went to work cleaning up the streets of New Brunswick, and finished the day off by participating in a Clean City Celebration.